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Message from the Founder

Dear Reader,

Welcome to KyberX!

I hope that we can be part of your success. I formed the company with the focus to empower people and promote Customer Excellence, and this quote sums up well the core of our philosophy:

”Absolutely nothing is good enough if it can be made better, and better is never good enough if it can be made best.”

(Ozzy Smith)

21 April 2023
Tamas Balogh


To assist our Clients in making a significant global impact by turning their Cyber Security efforts into a competitive edge.


To create the most impactful cyber security company in the Baltics by promoting Customer excellence in the place of Customer satisfaction, doing more for our Clients than others can or will, and turning their Cyber Security efforts into a competitive edge.


  • Think BIG
  • Deliver OUTCOMES
  • Overpromise & OVERDELIVER
  • Promote EXCELLENCE

Company Launch

The company is founded and our first Customer for Cyber Resilience Consulting is on-boarded.


Brand Identity

Our brand identity is launched at the Baltic Security Conference in Riga, Latvia.



Our proprietary methodology and solution is presented to the public at the Riga Comm business conference.

Risk & Compliance Management Automation, Human Risk Management and Automated Breach and Attack Simulation are presented to the Baltics market for the first time.

The keynote speech titled “We need to talk about DORA” given by the founder Tamas Balogh is featured at the conference.


NIS2 & DORA Readiness

Returning to the Baltic Security Conference.

Introducing the first NIS2 & DORA Readiness Automation solution to the Baltics market.


Customer Excellence

Excellence is the main pillar that our business is built upon. We strive to be doing more for our Customers than anyone else could or would.

Outcome Focus

We make the first value available to our Customers early, and then repeat it often. We are here to deliver results and get the job done.

Innovative Solutions

We always look for the best solution out there so that our Customers can thrive. We are especially keen on bringing automated tools and processes as alternatives for previously manual activities.