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Cyber Security as a Success Enabler

Our cyber security methodologies and solutions prioritize your goals and maximize your effort and investment whether it be cyber resilience or cyber training that you seek.

Who are we?

Modern Cyber Security Consultancy

We believe Cyber Security is a success enabler. With our results first approach we aim to increase speed and ROI, reduce complexity and eliminate unnecessary effort and cost for our Customers when it comes to Cyber Security projects.

Managed Security Services Provider

In everything we do we seek to promote Customer excellence in place of Customer satisfaction. This way we can empower our Customers to make a greater impact in the world and achieve new heights of success.

Cyber Security Training Organisation

We recognize that it is impossible to accomplish everything on our own. As such we aspire to build a league of KyberX Champions to help reduce the Cyber Security skills gap and help individuals build their dream careers worldwide.

Challenges in Cyber Security Today

Continuously Rising Threats

The number of Cyber Threats is continuously increasing whilst there is also a sense of lack of return on investment (ROI) resulting in new heights of expenses for businesses when it comes to Cyber Resilience only to still find themselves vulnerable.

Increasing Complexity

As a direct result of the increasing threats the number of Cyber Defense vendors and products is also on the rise. This leads to complexity, especially when businesses either try to mitigate all risks at the same time or address the ones that are not a priority. Misinformation also causes businesses to invest in sub-optimal solutions and products.

Widening Skills Gap

Cyber Crime is a lucrative business, and Cyber Defenders are lacking in numbers as they also try to keep up with the new emerging technologies and backlog of projects and various issues not yet addressed, without a compelling future to look toward to.

Our Differentiators

Enabling Success

We seek to ask the right questions and support the drivers behind any strategy, goal and objective that of our Customers so they can make a greater impact in the world. We deliver value early, and deliver it often.

Promoting Customer Excellence

We believe in never lowering our target, but increasing our actions instead. We over-promise and over-deliver by doing what others can`t or won`t do in order to deliver massive value to our Customers.

Sparking Change

We must have the courage to think big and spark change within our industry, and challenge the status quo and the various echo chambers, and willingly and freely and consistently share all that we know with our Customers around the world.

Our Customers

KyberX Solutions
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Consulting Threat Detection & Response
  • Security Validation
KyberX Academy
  • Cyber Career Coaching
  • Cyber Training

How it works?


01 Define a Strategy

In order to ensure the expected results are achieved, we ask the right questions to determine the correct requirements and propose the most optimal solutions with the highest ROI.

03 Deliver the Solution

Now it is time to deliver those solutions working together as a Team, making sure that the requirements have been met and the desired outcomes are achieved.

05 Moving-forward

In our experience you never arrive and there is always room for improvement. Whether it be a project that you undertake with us or on your own, it is one of the best opportunities for us to provide you with added value, and allowing you to look into the future and see what could be the next priority to focus on.

02 Build a Roadmap

Once we understand your situation, requirements and have established the right strategy, we build a comprehensive road-map and recommend the best approach to help attain the outcomes.

04 Review and Pivot

Continuous reporting during delivery and a final review at the end ensures that the outcomes are reached and the requirements are met, and enables us to pivot as and when it is needed.

Ready to Get Started?

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